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At Calgary's Nexus Naturopathic Clinic, we provide a nexus of treatment options tailored to each patient's needs.

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Vitamins and minerals are required in many biochemical pathways, such as hormone synthesis, neurotransmitter production, and detoxification. Although these nutrients are available through food, it is difficult to achieve therapeutic levels needed to treat various conditions. To ensure optimal absorption and efficacy, Dr. Dhaliwal commits to providing patients with only high quality products that are free of allergens and have been tested for purity, potency, and safety.  


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An integral part of optimal health and disease prevention is good nutrition. Along with supplementation, Dr. Dhaliwal makes dietary recommendations based on your presenting concerns, dietary restrictions, and health goals. 


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Dr. Dhaliwal uses a holistic approach when treating individuals, therefore she also considers mental and emotional aspects of health. She believes in the importance of education around sleep hygiene, physical activity, and stress management. Addressing obstacles and lifestyle habits that contribute to illness will help achieve long term prevention goals, and teach patients to become leaders of their own health.


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Dr. Dhaliwal is trained in the evaluation of soft tissue pathologies, orthopaedic testing, and structural assessment. Physical medicine includes osseous manipulation, cupping, and/or massage. 


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Botanical medicine is the effective use of plant constituents in the form of tinctures and capsules to treat disease. These products should only be taken under supervision of a licensed health professional trained in the appropriate use of herbal medicine. It is important to ensure these tinctures and capsules are derived from safe, researched sources. At Nexus Naturopathic Medical Clinic, Dr. Dhaliwal only prescribes professional lines of tinctures and capsules that have been tested for identity, purity, and quality assurance.


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